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If you'd like to join our growing family of members, receive a great range of benefits and have a say in how our business is run, simply fill in your details below to apply online.

Alternatively, you can print off an application form here, fill it in and drop it off with one of our colleagues next time you are in one of our stores.

As soon as you receive your membership card you can start to collect points on your purchases with Central England Co-operative, and once you have collected enough points to cover your £1 share you will become a full member.

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Full membership

You need to have been a full member for six months before you can attend the twice-yearly member meetings. The definition of a full member is one who has paid the £1 share in full.

If you use the paper application form and return it to the store along with your £1 share, you will be a full member straight away. If you apply online or using the telephone help line, your £1 share is taken out of the dividend you earn as a result of collecting points on your purchases with us. In this case, as soon as you have earned enough points in dividend to cover the £1 share, you will become a full member with all the membership benefits and rights that that involves.