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Membership & Community Councils

There are no elections required in 2019 for the Membership & Community Councils as all of the eligible candidates have been returned unopposed. Further details will be uploaded in due course.

Board of Directors

Nominations have been received from five Member Director Candidates and two Employee Member Director Candidates.

Voting is required for one Member Director Candidate in both the Central and Eastern constituencies and one Employee Member Director Candidate in the Western constituency. Please see here for details.

To help you to choose who to vote for, when voting opens, each Candidate has provided an election statement which includes a personal statement and a summary of their skills, knowledge and other relevant experience.  These statements will be uploaded to our Elections 2019 Portal in the coming weeks.

Nominations Received


Full details can be found on our Elections 2019 website. Please click here


This year the Society is holding elections for both the Board of Directors and Membership & Community Councils​

  • Nominations to be announced/displayed Friday 15th March
  • Elections open 12pm Friday 12th April
  • Elections closed 12pm Monday 29th April
  • Results announced Friday 3rd May