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Nominations are now open!

Two elections are scheduled to be held this year, with vacancies on the Society’s Board of Directors and Membership & Community Councils (MCCs). 

We are inviting nominations for THREE Member Directors, one from each constituency, and ONE Employee Member Director from the Western Constituency, each to serve for a period of three years.  Nominations are also invited for a number of positions on our Membership & Community Councils.

Full details can be found on our Elections 2019 website. Please click here


This year the Society is holding elections for both the Board of Directors and Membership & Community Councils

  • Notice of Election (nominations invited) Friday 1st February
  • Closing date for nominations Friday 22nd February
  • Nominations to be announced/displayed Friday 15th March
  • Elections open 12pm Friday 12th April
  • Elections closed 12pm Monday 29th April
  • Results announced Friday 3rd May