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2018 Interim Members' Evenings

This year’s Interim Members' Evenings take place in October 2018. Please see below for the agenda for the evening, as well the dates and locations of the meetings.

The meetings provide members with the opportunity to learn about the Society’s financial performance and its achievements as a responsible co-operative business. Members also have the opportunity to ask questions of the Society’s Executive and Directors and vote on resolutions, including distributions of surplus.




1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Interim Report to Members – for the 28 weeks ended 11 August 2018

3. Questions & Open Forum

4. Distribution from Trading Surplus: Members Dividend of 1 pence per point*
* On purchases made between 28 January and 11 August 2018

5. Membership & Community Half-Yearly Update -
    See the full Membership and Community report here