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Share of the profits

When you become a member you receive a pack which includes your membership card. Use the card when you shop with us to get points based on the value of your purchase. The more points you save, the bigger your share of the profits, which is returned to you as an E-Dividend for you on your card to spend in store. 

We have recently changed our corporate charity to Dementia UK.  As a result, if you choose to donate your Share of the profits to charity, it will be donated to Dementia UK from your June 2018 payment. If you would like to do this, you can do this by clicking through to your account profile page here and then simply selecting 'Charity' underneath the Points donation options. 

Alternatively, you can find out how to donate your points by contacting our Membership team by clicking here, email the Membership team on, or call the free membership helpline on 0800 050 1601.

You will find below a section by section explanation of the recent Share of the Profits correspondence that was recently mailed out to members.

1. Points earned between the dates stipulated here will be your Share of the Profits for this period.

2. A breakdown of your points earned from the various Central England Co-operative businesses.

3. Total points earned from Central England Co-operative businesses.

4. Points earned from Co-op financial services.

5. A breakdown of points earned from other Co-operatives.

6. Total points earned from other Co-operatives.

7. Any deductions, e.g. the £1 to open a share account.

8. This is your total payment to spend in store, which is loaded onto your Membership card.

9 & 10. If you have requested to recieve your Share of the Profits via a voucher, as an alternative to it being loaded onto your Membership card, this will appear here.