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Membership benefits

There are a number of benefits of being a member, including discount events, dividend pay-out, the chance to meet other members and –importantly – the opportunity to have a say in how the Society is run.

Share of the profits

When you become a member you receive a pack which includes your membership card. Use the card when you shop with us to get points based on the value of your purchase. The more points you save, the bigger your share of the profits, which is returned to you as an E-Dividend for you on your card to spend in store. 

Community Dividend

The Community Dividend scheme is our way of investing in our community, giving a helping hand to local charities and good causes through our members.

Each year we set aside a percentage of our trading surplus to create a fund which supports our Community Dividend scheme. Members can apply for grants from the fund towards projects which will benefit the community.

If you’d like to talk to us, or have any questions regarding your Central England membership, you can call or email us using the details below:

Phone: 0800 0501 601