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Regular member and community events provide ample opportunities for entertainment and education, and members can also influence the way our Community Dividend fund is allocated to bring direct benefit to charities and good causes in their local area.

We organise and support events for members including educational visits to places of historic, cultural and co-operative interest.  Our programme includes occasional visits to the Rochdale Pioneers Museum at Toad Lane in Rochdale which is internationally recognised as the birthplace of the modern co-operative movement.

We are also involved in running educational, interesting and fun activities for young people - often focusing on the principles of the Co-operative Movement. For instance, for our "ethical challenge" we invite local school children into our food stores to seek out responsibly sourced products like Fairtrade, in order to help them understand where their food comes from and what they can do to contribute to a better world for everyone.

Read more about our Community Dividend fund and our charity work by clicking on the links.